On Sunday,2nd October,on Gandhi Jayanti : A Unique Book called “Global Collectibles Of Mahatma Gandhi through Bank Notes,Coins & Stamps” issued by 144 countries

Mahatma Gabdhi Jayanti 2022: Hope this note finds you in good health, This year On Sunday,2nd October,on Gandhi Jayanti. There will be a launch of a unique book called “Global Collectibles Of Mahatma Gandhi  through Bank Notes,Coins & Stamps”. issued by 144 countries around the world on Mahatma Gandhiji will be launched.

This is the only book in the world of its kind which is a Collectible & will showcase & explain the various Stamps,Coins & Notes issued by 144 countries around the world on Mahatma Gandhiji. It will display the legacy & influence of Gandhi ji all over the world.

On the eve of the 153rd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, A Unique Book “Global Collectibles of Mahatma Gandhi through Bank Notes, Coins & Stamps” is launched

  • This is the only book in the world which will showcase & explain the various Stamps, Coins & Notes issued by 144 countries around the world on Gandhiji starting from 15th August 1948 till date.

September 2022 :  On the eve of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary on October 2 this year, A special memoir Global Collectibles Of Mahatma Gandhi through Bank Notes, Coins & Stamps is launched. This special compilation also coincides with India’s 75 Azaadi Ka Mahotsav (75 years of celebration of India’s freedom and independence). It will showcase the legacy & influence of Gandhi ji all over the world .This Collectible is affordably priced at Rs 1999 /- & will be available on amazon,flipkart,snapdeal & other ecommerce websites & bookstores. It will also be available on www.mintageworld.com.

This memoir is compiled and launched by Mintage World :  World’s first online museum on vintage and new Coins, Stamps & Notes. It Chronicles & combines in a sequential order along with its historical importance of all the commemorative issues printed and minted by different countries and post offices around the world to honour Mahatma Gandhi.

Each Coin & Stamp issued in India & Globally on Mahatma Gandhi portrays a significant historical journey of him & India. Starting from the 1st Stamp issued with his figurine on India’s first Independence Day in 1948 to the 50th & 75th anniversary of Indian independence. It also showcases the 75th anniversary of Gandhi’s Dandi March & The Non Violent moment. Also collections on more than 40 countries joining hands to celebrate Gandhi’s glorious legacy of 100 & 150 years & many more

Postal Departments of France, Germany Srilanka ,Turkey ,Russia ,Iraq Iran, Afghanistan,Fiji,Ireland Egypt Brazil Bangaldesh ,Kenya North Korea Cuba , Czec Republic and many others had issued stamps in various  sizes, shapes and materials. All these stamps have Mahatma Gandhi’s image on foreground or back ground & are circulative & commemorative

Mints of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Seychelles, Mauritius, Malta, Mongolia, Andorra, Republic of Benin, Cook Islands, Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Gambia & others have issued coins minted in gold,silver,copper,nickel & alloy ranging across various denominations. Most of the coins issued is carved with his smiling bust on one of its sides. These coins has been circulative, commemorative & uncirculative.

This novel idea was innovated by SushilKumar Agrawal, a first-generation entrepreneur and CEO of Mintage World. It was his vision that bought such a priceless book into reality and gave all Gandhiji lovers and followers a beautiful combination of all the legal & commemorative tenders together.

Sushilkumar Agrawal, CEO,Mintage World said : “Gandhiji’s has always been a universal inspiration. His ideas and values have always been strongly followed by various countries globally. With this Memoir we are paying tribute & homage to the most prominent and influential leader of our country. This collectible had been in making since a very long time as we needed to ensure that every intricate details is included & the authenticity of it is ensured. Going ahead we always will be constantly coming out with memoirs and collectibles of various well known personalities from India & around the world through coins, stamps & bank notes

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