Gulzar Sahab news in english
Gulzar Sahab news in english

Gulzar Sahab sells his first NFT on Kulturemint

Gulzar Sahab: Gulzar Sahab sells his first NFT on Kulturemint. It was only recently that Gulzar Sahab put out digitally tokenized versions of his most famous works including XYZ on – a brand new curated NFT marketplace for all things art and culture. Given his pedigree within the art and poetry community, it is unsurprising how quick his fans were to flock to and patronise these NFTs.

Gulzar Sahab: Following 5 days of fierce bidding over his timeless works, ‘One Side Love’ was the first to be sold. Co-founded by Govind Singh Sandhu, Archana Trasy and Gautam B Thakker, the NFT marketplace has experienced a lot of traffic ever since its launch.

Govind Singh Sandhu

Gulzar Sahab: Govind Singh Sandhu marked the occasion by saying, “With close to a million impressions, his poems have helped us bring NFTs to the forefront of the mainstream. We are delighted with this massive success through our platform.”, while Gautam B Thakker added, “We want to make Kulturemint the go-to destination within a growing NFT space and provide an accessible platform for creators and artists alike”. Commenting on the same, Archana Trasy said, “We are glad and honoured we could give Gulzar Sahab’s poetries a digital home. Our mission has only just begun, we hope to bring onboard many more artists as we become an even more prominent part of the NFT space.”

Gautam B Thakker

Kulturemint has also announced that they will soon be onboarding 100+ artists as part of their larger initiative to make NFTs more accessible to the general populace.

Archana Trasy

Kulturemint has made it abundantly clear that they are here to create an inclusive NFT Marketplace for the masses and we are absolutely here for it. There is definitely more to come so watch this space for more…