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YouTube is facing crises over “family friendly context”

YouTube is facing crises over "family friendly context"

YouTube is the most an incredible source of earning across the world. But recently it is scrambling to respond to its latest brand-safety crisis. Why, because the involvement of videos of children that drew vulgarity and an inappropriate comments. YouTube has removed almost more than 150,000 videos which are featuring children that had been targeted by pedophiles in the comments box.

For the safety and security purpose YouTube also deactivated comments for over 625,000 videos. Moreover, YouTube also terminated several hundred accounts of YouTube users those who posted predatory comments on videos featuring minor children.

The prime motto of YT Company is to have “family Friendly” videos on its platform. Moving ahead, YouTube has removed ads from nearly 2 million videos and over 50,000 channels last week which were not following  family-friendly content,” as per a rep.

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Right now for YouTube, the PR crisis over child safety on the internet video site became a business issue. There are several essential advertisers pulling ads after the trend of sex predators commenting on kids videos came to focus. Recently, Marketers that have frozen spending on YT over the issue include Adidas, Deutsche Bank, HP, Mars, Diageo and Cadbury.

After Times of London report, it found that their ads had run in videos of young girls that included a number of disturbing vulgar comments made by users. After getting known, it immediately suspended all advertising worldwide on YouTube. Here, when it came to know that one of its ads was placed in a terrible and inappropriate context.

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Let me tell you that HP has strict brand safety protocols in place across all online advertising, including YouTube. Finally this appears to be the result of a content misclassification by Google,” a rep for the tech company said.

Now, Company is still handling the aftershocks of a global advertiser backlash this spring, after ads were discovered running in front of hate-speech and terrorism videos. And some big and branded advertisers, including AT&T, have not run any ads on YouTube since March.

Taking strong decision, Company has stepped up enforcement of policies to block, restrict or demonetize videos featuring kid-oriented themes, subject and characters but that include violent, sexual or otherwise inappropriate topics. Thinking it essential, Company also terminated more than 50 channels, including most popular like Toy Freaks channel, and removed thousands of videos that violate its policies for child-friendly content on its platform. And this will be continued till the complete solution.

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