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You will become Fan of this Dancing Umpire, Viral Video

You will become Fan ofUmpire Billy Bowden, Viral Video

Umpiring in cricket plays very crucial role in the field. Umpires often look serious, simple and more like statue in the ground. They purely and primarily focus on decision while cricket match because it’s a responsible and concentrated task very minutely. But here New Zealand’s Umpire Billy Bowden is the only exceptional personality in the sport so far. Recently, a video from 2016 of an umpire officiating in a local game went viral on social media because of his dance while cricket match.

Umpire Billy Bowden has been one of the most respected umpires in the game. He has been officiating in 84 Tests, 200 ODIs and 24 T20Is and since his exit from international cricket. You will not have seen such marvelous umpires in cricket history officially.  Umpire Billy Bowden is very amazing character in professional cricket, who gives decision very fine in dancing style.

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This is an example of the umpire’s exquisite style of officiating in a cricket match. Keep in mind ever that such kind of umpires is remembered for their eccentric ways of officiating. Let me tell you, people sometimes forget to understand the story behind such acts. Here Umpire Billy Bowden, in an interview to, revealed the secrets behind his crooked finger and other unique ways of officiating. He said it was a result of rheumatoid arthritis that had struck me. “It hit me for six. It really tested me.

Umpire Billy Bowden Dancing Video-

Moving ahead, at the end Umpire Billy Bowden decided there has two ways he could go about it – sit in a corner without task or accept it and move on in life. He also said that, there are lots of people worse off than me. I can walk and see and I’m still involved with cricket. It doesn’t stop you doing things you love. You might not be able to do them 100 percent but you can do them.

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Medically, Arthritis is a life sentence of pain. Often people would rather die than deal with the pain. Well, this is an inspiring ways of life and we must learn something from Umpire Billy Bowden to live in a better and easiest way. That’s it.

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