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Watching this video, You’ll fall in love with Sophia Robot

Watching this video, You'll fall in love with Sophia Robot

Sophia Robot, have you heard this name? May be, but let me elaborate more about this. The whole world is moving around advance nanotechnology. Do you have seen beautiful robotic girl ever? If not, then follow me to grab the extra flavored knowledge about Robotic World. This year, a variety of robots invited at the popular show so called “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” The most gorgeous and advance Robot girl “Sophia” made this show amazing. Let’s have a look…..

This human expression based Sophia Robot made by Dr. David Hanson. He is the founder and CEO of Hanson Robotics. He has spent decades on a quest to build robots that look and act like humans, and now he is getting pretty darn close. Business Insider conducted an interview this week with one of his creations, Sophia Robot, who was built to look like Audrey Hepburn, featuring her high cheekbones and expressiveness.

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Sophia Robot at Jimmy Fallon Show-

As Hanson Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon earlier this year, “she can process visual data. She can see people’s faces, process conversational and emotional data and use all of this to form relationships with people.” How unbelievable work is this? Dr. David also said that this Sophia Robot has artificial intelligence software, which acts like human. Sophia is a social robot as per David.



You might have seen many robotics movies like Robocop, I, Robot, Metropolis and short circuit. But this Sophia is totally amazing and outstanding to digest. See this video where how nicely she is answering the question with human expressions. You can ask any question, Sophia Robot will reply very smartly and intelligently. She moves her eyes, eye brows, lips and head too, just like we clever people do usually.

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What people are doing in the world every moment, you can’t imagine. Everything is like miracle happening in the world. Sophia is the just one example for us to think about science and its inventions. Watch this awesome video and think about it….Sophia Robot

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