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Watch Valentine’s Day video, Shopkeepers get shocked

Watch Valentine's Day video, Shopkeepers get shocked

Valentine week 2018 started across the globe. ‘Rose day’ has passed away and now today ‘propose day’ is celebrating. February is the month of romance and love for all sweet hearted people. It is the time for every man’s dream to express their love on Valentine’s Day. People try many different things to propose their beloved on this festival of love. Whole social media goes viral for some reason on these 7 days of valentine. Here, a clever shopkeeper starts advertising his shoes on this fest amazingly. You can watch this twitter viral video…..

Watch Valentine's Day video, Shopkeepers get shocked

What this handsome sardarji is saying on this Valentine’s Day. He is awaking girls to buy his shoes for safety and security from naughty and teasing boys. He says, if a boy proposes any girl then it’s up to the girl to say yes or no. Listen up all girls; after you say no, if a boy still harasses you, bothers you, stalks you or irritates you, you beat him up with this juttis (shoes).” That may sound quite distant from the idea of Valentine’s Day.

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February 14 has become an opportunity for some clever advertising from a shoe shop in Sirhind, Punjab. How they are advertising and improving their shoes sale, you can watch in this twitter viral video of Valentine’s Day. Combining innovative marketing with a robust sense of humor, the ad certainly turns the roses-and-chocolates notion of Valentine’s Day on its head. He says that buy our shoes to stay safe from marauding men. Now it is an idea which deserves some takers. Really, this type of festival advertising of products gives another level of thinking. It also gives social message to society to aware on such days.

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