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Tuks condemned use of racism language, racist video

Tuks condemned use of racism language, racist video

JOHANNESBURG: University of Pretoria students’ video going viral on social media. This video shows two female students using the vulgar words. This act again brought racism at universities to the forefront. University confirmed the students attend the institution in its statement.

It is very clear that the video was mistakenly posted to a WhatsApp group. Here One of the students, who appears to be intoxicated in clip.

He uses the K-word to accuse a black person of stealing her phone. Then there 2 students use the K-word and other expletives several times.

After this incident, Tuks expressed shock, saying the institution “strongly condemns the use of such derogatory and racist language.”

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University suspended the students and called them to face a disciplinary hearing. The Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust (CRET) condemned the incident of students.

As per its statement on Facebook page, the trust said it had cancelled her bursary with immediate effect.  “The CRET bursary program has prided itself on its non-racial, non-discriminatory approach to supporting disadvantaged students across all races,” it mentioned.


One of the students apologized on the WhatsApp group. She accepted that her friend was drunk. She realized the mistake. This video of racism is the big question mark on humanity.

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