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Google Offers Top 10 highest paying jobs, Apply Now

Top 10 highest paying jobs at Google

Top 10 highest paying jobs at Google: Those who are very much expert in technology, they often have a dream to get a job in Google. Why, because of the name of Company and the Salary package offered to you. There are many companies in the market, where you can get a job but many people often do not satisfy with their salary. Here, we are giving you the best job options and designations in the Google Company with high salary package.

Top 10 highest paying jobs at Google Company

Engineering Director:

If you get the job of engineering director in Google. It oversees all aspects of engineering within a company. Let me tell you that this type of job could need up to 10 years of experience. It comes under top 10 highest paying jobs at Google, around $283,591.

Group Product Manager:

It is all about the product of the company, so being Product manager you are the nexus point for every Google project. You have to interact with sales, software engineers, marketing managers, and just about every other piece of a project. Google offers handsome salary package around $253,905.

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Director in Google:

If anyone gets the job of a director at Google, regardless of division, is expected to bring superior leadership skills to the company to lead and manage teams and keep everyone focused on a common goal. You can get salary package up to $247,500.

Senior Staff Software Engineer:

Senior software engineers in Google Company are among the highest paid employees at the company. These engineers are expected to take the technical lead in whichever department they work in, whether that is YouTube, AdWords, Adsense or any other division of the company. Here salary package is nearly $242,500. Job experts also consider it under top 10 highest paying jobs at Google.

Marketing Director:

Marketing director job is to get the word out about what Google has to offer. It can include conference presentations, blog entries, TV commercials, and lots of other things besides. If people get this position then their salary package may be $234,741.

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Senior Software Engineering Manager:

This is also a great option for a job as Senior Software Engineering Manager at Google. Nowadays it is a highly-in-demand, more experienced programming pro who’s in charge of leading teams of coders under them. You can get good bucks in the form of salary around $205,290.

Senior Product Manager:

If you are an experienced product manager then it is a great asset to Google. They help lead engineering teams towards a common goal, even in widely-dispersed offices. Senior Software Manager Salary is $201,600 approx and it is also accounted as top 10 highest paying jobs at Google.

Staff Software Engineer:

Being engineer at Google you need to be excellent at solving complex problems. This is why the company was once known for challenging job candidates with puzzling brain teasers. But, based on data from Glassdoor, it seems like they compensate these employees well. Google’s salary for this position is 60% higher than the national average, according to Glassdoor. Salary structure is $200,923.

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Engineering Manager 2:

Engineers create the foundation that supports the most important products of Google. In the company, an engineering manager would be in charge of supervising teams of engineers to develop, test, and create new products, and improve existing ones. You will get Salary around $192,000.

Product Manager 3:

This position in Google involves overseeing various projects dealing with company products and keeping everyone involved on the same page. It is the prime concern of this post and salary will be given around $185,000. These are the best top 10 highest paying jobs at Google.

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