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‘Texting while walking’ is a crime in Honolulu, inspiring

‘Texting while walking’ is a crime in Honolulu, inspiring

Honolulu: Texting while walking is counting as crime in Honolulu. You won’t believe this but it is 200 hundred percent true. Recently such rule made for people safety for pedestrian. Now residents of Honolulu, Hawaii, will no longer experience any obstacle, as it becomes the first major city to ban people from texting while moving on the way.


As per the New York Times report, if offenders cross the road while texting will be fined. Person views any electronic device meanwhile his walk will be charged $35 (around P1800) for their first offense. Same person does a second violation will cost $75 (around P3800).

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In this way offenses would cost as much as a $99 (around P5000) fine, the report said.
This is really milestone legislation for mango people for safety purposes. City Council member Brandon Elefante is the man behind this bill.

City Mayor Kirk Caldwell also added that “distracted pedestrian law” is a must for Hawaii. Researchers studied in 2015 from the University of Maryland. They noted that 11,000 injuries resulted from phone-related distraction in the US.

He said that “Sometimes he wishes there were laws they did not have to pass, that perhaps common sense would prevail. This bill was first passed in July. Now it has been strictly implemented this month.

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Apart from smartphones, anyone caught using any handheld video game devices, laptops and digital cameras are liable for punishment. (Source-


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