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Visitors Party to Belgium’s Jumbo omelette fest

Visitors Party to Belgium's Jumbo omelette fest

Malmedy News : You will be amazed hearing about a thousand people rushed to the little Belgian town of Malmedy on Tuesday to eat a monster omelet which is made of approx 6,500 eggs, in spite of the nation being at the focal point of an embarrassment including corrupted eggs

Harry Potter’s Childhood Home is On Sale, Buy It

Harry Potter's Childhood Home is On Sale, Buy It

On the off chance that you have seen the Harry Potter movies, at that point you no doubt recollect when Hermione and Harry backpedaled to Godric's Hollow and went to where he was conceived. Harry potter's childhood home now is on sale. You know, where they have a super sweet and

Lol questions with gentle answers, go ahead !

Lol questions with gentle answers, go ahead !

In our life we face many funny and serious  things around us, these all are created,raised or naturally grow in many forms like happiness,sadness,humor,fun and sp on. Some questions related to such funny moments and there unique answers are given very gently. Read and enjoy. Q:1 I've heard that cardiovascular exercise

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