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Swiss policeman playing piano and video goes viral

Swiss policeman playing piano and video goes viral

Switzerland: A video of Swiss policeman playing piano went viral on social sites. He was doing this stuff at Geneva’s main railway station just for fun. It is more interesting that he is not only playing piano but also singing a song very nicely. Let me tell you that this was the Friday morning the clip had notched up more than 90,000 views. This video was posted on Wednesday and was number 8 on the trending list of Youtube.

The video of Swiss policeman playing piano uploaded by cop Carl Emery demonstrates him in his police uniform playing John Lennon’s Imagine while being generally overlooked by passers-by despite the fact that he gets a series of adulation toward the end. “It was totally unconstrained,” the law requirement officer said of his offhand presentation, as indicated by 20 Minutes.

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Emery’s police obligations are to guarantee security at Geneva’s Cornavin station, one of Switzerland’s greatest. In any case, recognizing the piano, he saw an open door for some light help. “I couldn’t avoid it.

I needed to give the workers this delight,” he stated, including that he considered this to be a piece of his duty as a cop. He said he had no clue his video would increase such an immense worldwide after.

Swiss policeman playing piano is making great records on social platforms and being liked by thousands of people. It is not the first video that we saw on internet; much creative and simple videos stuff set fire on social media. What will be liked and disliked on internet, you can’t assume or estimate anyway.

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