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Shoveling solution video of a man goes viral, Why?

Shoveling solution video of a man goes viral, Why

CHAMBERSBURG: This is winter season and people are more aware of snowfall and coldness. How to deal with heavy snowfall and what precautions need to take, are more targeting points in this season. Many people often enjoy this season and many suffer by high intensity coldness. Here, Shoveling solution video of a man called Jonathan Schill got creative by using a lawnmower and cardboard box to shovel snow off his Pennsylvania driveway went viral.

Recently Shoveling solution video of Jonathan Schill who created a homemade snow plow using a lawnmower and a TV box became the internet sensation. Kaitlynn Toporzycki who is the fiancée of Schill expressed herself and said she went outside to check on his shoveling progress.

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There she found him using the box from a recently purchased 50-inch HDTV for Shoveling solution. “My first thought was I did not really intend to do this to be funny. Schill said he did it to save himself from being tired and all that.

Moreover, Schill expressed, he really did not expect it to be this much big.” As of Sunday afternoon, the video had been viewed more than 12 million times and had nearly 25,000 shares on Facebook. We are just simple people, so it is not every day that our post gets shared,” Toporzycki said.

Now, this simple task Shoveling solution video became viral on internet and people are appreciating this awesome work. It is very clear that this winter season putting people in trouble, according to media reports. Well it is good technique and fine creativity of Jonathan at his home, where he taught a lesson to people by this task.

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