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Shameful: Govt school teacher gets massage from stds

Shameful: Govt school teacher gets massage from stds

Bhopal: A video of teacher gets massage from student goes viral on internet. It is a clip of government school where teacher is sleeping on the floor and getting a massage from his student in Madhiyadoh Damoh, Madhya Pradesh. In a video clip, you can watch clearly that this govt school in village area and ANI posted it on its twitter account.

After getting viral of this teacher gets massage video, the local administration has ordered to have an investigation into the video matter. Taking cognizance of the massage activity, Minister of State for School Education Deepak Joshi has said that they have asked a report to be submitted. “We have asked our district education officer to submit a report on this school incident.

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He also said that this teacher will be suspended once we get the complete report in this matter. On the other hand, the teacher teacher gets massage now clarified that his body was very much aching, for that he had asked the student to give him a simple massage.


teacher gets massage from student video-

It was shocking, when the students claimed that the teacher often force them to massage him. But other side the teacher also clarified in his statement that his body was aching and to get relief he asked student to massage his body. This is the big question on government schools and administrations for not to take education seriously. This is only an example, if we go to check every govt school around us there may have many such cases. That’s why people often send their children to private schools instead government. There must be cctv camera in every government schools to stop crime and to check the education system is properly running or not.

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