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You’ll feel good watching Richy Sheehy viral video !

Richy Sheehy viral video Liverpool reddit page

New Delhi: Social media is full of fun and enjoyment around the world. You can’t imagine what things will be viral on internet. Recently, Richy Sheehy singing video is making more attraction on social sites after posting. Richy Sheehy from Co. Plug has seen his tune circulate around the web overnight subsequent to presenting his video on Liverpool’s reddit page.

The appealing melody of Richy Sheehy has been seen over a million times since it was posted and has even been retweeted by Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher. “I’m going on Soccer AM tomorrow as a visitor to sing it live”, Richy told “Can’t stay aware of the notifications and it’s achieved Fox and NBC in the states also.”

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“The MC of Anfield has said he’ll play the Archies ‘Sugar’ in the stadium. You can have insane circumstances.” Watch the Richy Sheehy video above.

This Richy Sheehy isn’t the first run through an Irish chap has turned into a web sensation with an infectious tune in light of their brandishing saints. Mick Konstantin became a web sensation with his hit, ‘There’s Only One Conor McGregor’ a year ago.

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