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Pattaya zoo attendant jabs Tiger Video Went Viral !

Pattaya zoo attendant jabs Tiger Video Went Viral

New Delhi: Pattaya zoo attendant jabbing the Tiger chained for the tourists entertainment. This video clip goes viral on social media and garnered more than 1 million views after posting on Monday. Attendant is just forcing with stick to this animal to make face as tourists take turns posing with or sitting on top of the big cat for pictures. Animal rights related groups have criticized this activities against animals tied with chain in a corner of small quarters with insufficient diet and veterinary care.

Edwin Wiek recorded this video at Pattaya zoo where this tiger gets poked all times to roar for the picture with tourists. Edwin is the founder of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, who filmed the video and posted it on Facebook account.

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A concern person for the Pattaya zoo, The Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm, said the tiger attendant had been transferred to another job after this incident. He also said that “The owner he loves animals and he will not allow staff to hurt his loving animals.” It is well known that the “Tourist dollars” and “the lure of the animal selfie fuel” very lucrative place for visitors. But these are also controversial wildlife tourism industry in Thailand.

You can see the website of Pattaya zoo shows images of white tigers, bears, camels, deer and other exotic animals in outdoor pens. It also advertises a daily show featuring a man fighting bare-handed with adult crocodiles and many more. Wiek says, “We believe that the taking of selfies with wildlife should be stopped completely,” because we know that such behavior is also risky for humans. “Every year hundreds of people are bitten or clawed in similar situations.”

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Pattaya zoo Tiger Video-

If you might know that the Pop Star Rihanna had also inadvertently highlighted another thriving illegal trade in 2013. Why, because she posted a selfie with a slow loris in Phuket. Earlier this month boxer Floyd Mayweather visited Phuket and posted photos on his Instagram account showing him riding an elephant. Just like Pattaya zoo, there are many such examples across the globe, people are harassing animals for their business and profit.

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