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OMG Mom Rap Parody Bodak Mellow, You Must Watch

OMG Mom Rap Parody Bodak Mellow, You Must Watch

Texas: A Texas woman’s rap video posted on Facebook and Youtube about motherhood goes viral. This mother has new video on Cali Daniels, of Denison, covers rapper Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow.” Nowadays social media is playing very vital role to make people and their creativity famous across the world. Mom Rap Parody Bodak Mellow….

This is not first time this Sweet Mum made such video, She has created many such inspiring video on social media. Her video on Facebook has had more than 10 million views. On the other hand on Youtube, the video has an additional 2 million views. In this video, little children are also enjoying the rap song. Mother is describing her importance for children and telling them that they came on earth due to her.

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Mom Rap Parody Bodak Mellow Goes Viral-

This is very heart touching video of mother to children to express deep feelings towards the motherhood. They are sitting in car with Mom and enjoying this rap song with understanding. You can see how much love this mother has for her sweet children. Mother with two girl child and a boy inside car singing this parody song.(Mom Rap Parody Bodak Mellow)

Let me tell you that Bodak Yellow is a song written and recorded by an American rapper Cardi B. Cardi B is the professional name of Belcalis Almanzar. She is an American hip hop recording artist. She is also a television and social media personality.

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You people if like this video then must share to educate people about the motherhood. This video is best example to express and impress children. You can be best trainer for your children by just showing them this video. Nowadays, children need more attention of their parents to grow well and be fitted for society. Somewhere this rap video teaches us about relations more than our thinking.(Mom Rap Parody Bodak Mellow)

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