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OMG: Man bit snake to take revenge, shocking video

OMG: Man bit snake to take revenge, shocking video

New Delhi: The bizarre news is coming from Uttar Pradesh state where a man hailing from Hardoi has shocked doctors. It is an unbelievable incidence that man bit snake ’s head off and chewed it before spitting it out. Doctor Sanjay Kumar, who is treating the man, told all this to news agency ANI that he had never seen such a case in his life. Doctor also confirmed that the amazing man was alright even after biting a snake.

Doctor from Hardoi Area added that He never saw such a case; the man was perfectly fine even biting such a snake. It is identified by the national English daily as Sonelal, the farmer apparently said that man bit snake because he did take revenge from the snake as the snake bit him.

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Farmer briefly describe the incidence what he has happened with him. He said that after biting off the head of snake, he fell unconscious and was taken to a community health centre, according to the news agency. Viral video of that man bit snake incident after being treated has also been shared online.

It is quite very strange and tough to digest the information but it has proof and evidence as the farmer explaining in the recorded video. Literally, it is an amazing revenge and courage of that man, who bit snake and still alive as proof. We often heard that snake bit person and he died or got serious health. But this case is totally opposite, means a man bit snake and that snake died. “Oh My God”

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