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Movie Review: Subh Mangal Sawdhan, Entertaining

Movie Review: Subh Mangal Sawdhan, Entertaining

“Shubh Mangal Savdhan” has been released in cinemas today. The story of this film is Ayushman Khurana, who is in the role of Mudit, and Bhumi Pednekar, who is playing the role of Sugandha. The story is based on the problem of Male Performance Anxiety.

Ayushman Khurana is famous for her films based on country stories. He has lot of popular films like Bareli ki barfi, Vicky Donor,Dam laga ke haisha. Akshay Kumar’s toilet ek prem katha story based on social issues. Now we have come to the problem of men from open defecation through the stories of women shooters from Uttar Pradesh. Through auspicious Mars alert, once again, Bollywood has presented a good story through very simple things. It is a good start to make a film about such a problem of men about which they can not think of talking to anyone. How do you prove to be successful in conveying a film message with laughter, it will only be known to you.

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Story of film-

Movie Review: Subh Mangal Sawdhan, Entertaining,
Movie Review: Subh Mangal Sawdhan, Entertaining,

The story of this movie is on Ayushman and Sugandha means Bhumi Pedenakar. Both of them live in Delhi. The relationship between the two is established. Among them all, the problem of Male Performance Anxiety is revealed to Mudit. This problem is then known when on many occasions, mud and fragrance try to come closer to each other. Every time the sweet odor gets frustrated. And when the problem of Mudit comes out openly, the people of Sugandha refuse marriage, but Mudit just wants to marry Sugandha. Sugandha, with all these, gives Mudhat on every occasion, and its power becomes. The special feature of this movie is that ‘Shubh Mangal Sawdhan’ is a remake of the 2013 Tamil film ‘Kalyan Samyal Sadham’. Famous Director R. s. Prasanna also directed its Tamil version too. This film is full of the first half comedy and the second becomes a little serious.

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Presentation of artists-

Ayushman Khurana has once again proved that he is a perfect artist for such a roll, playing the character of Mudit. They are well-groomed in the indigenous characters, and this is not the case with every artist. Second and Bhumi has given headlines by playing an indigenous character from her first movie. Whether its overweight girl’s role of ‘Dam laga ke haisha’ or her role of ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ is to play the role of aware daughter-in-law. He has also put the life in the movie as Sugandha, and whenever the Mudit and Sugandha come on the screen, it just gets fun. In this movie, the characters of Brijendra Kala and Seema Pahwa are also worth watching. If married couples want to see entertainment and some hates, then definitely go to see this movie.

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