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How Glenhills man’s proposal video went viral !

Candice Marie Vandersteen

Marchiano Markoem Proposal: Everyone falls in love in life and finds suitable time to propose him or her. Love couples find great time and place for beloved one because it is the matter of affair and emotions. Recently, a video of proposal for wedding is getting viral on social sites. It is all about WHEN Glenhills resident where Candice Marie Vandersteen was asked to be part of an impromptu family photo-shoot. Literally, she had no idea that it would mark the starting of her life with the man she loves most.

Marchiano Markoem had been in an affair of five and a half years of dating. Now, he crafted the perfect proposal to his girlfriend at the Beverly Hills Hotel in uMhlanga with her family in tow. The proposal left Candice nearly speechless, all the while her sister, Jasmine, recorded her reactions. This couple posted the video onto Facebook account and it has already been viewed more than 3 000 times. “I had no clue my family and Marchiano Markoem was arranging this by any stretch of the imagination.

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She said, her father works abroad and he was down in Durban and her mother, Mary-Ann, recommended going as a family to Beverly Hills Hotel for breakfast. My grandpa likewise adores going there. At the same time there was this mystery WhatsApp assemble going on where my family was arranging the proposition with Marchiano Markoem.

“So when I went at the lodging he had set-up a photograph shoot and I thought what an exquisite astonishment since we don’t frequently have numerous photographs together as a family. My sister was there ‘imagining’ to take photographs however really videoing it the entire time. When it went to our turn and he got down on one knee I was simply overpowered with feelings. It was only the sweetest motion thus sentimental,” she said.

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Vandersteen likewise shared the video on to the Durban North Neighbors Facebook page to feature the exceptional minute. “The response from the group has been marvelous and it’s extremely inspiring to peruse their responses. Hearing them say they were exceptionally passionate viewing the video was additionally staggeringly touching,” she said. It was an awesome moment of my life and love with Marchiano Markoem.

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