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Manvel cheerleader’s “invisible box” video went viral

Manvel cheerleader's invisible box stunt went viral

New Delhi: Ice Bucket Challenge was very successful campaign few months back. Now a bizarre and viral activity of invisible box is booming on the internet. Recently a video of young people is going viral on social media. They are trying to step on an “invisible box” for an online optical illusion. This is a kind of trick involving participants pretending to lay a box on the floor before them, and patting the imaginary “top” for helping to create the illusion of a solid object.

 What they are doing with this “invisible box”?



They just raise a foot in mid-air and pretend to step on the box before “hopping” their other leg over to land on the other side while keeping the original foot suspended. Let me tell you that, this is a trick of ” invisible box ” might sound simple, but this notion is getting viral among the people on the floor.

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This “ invisible box ” has picked up momentum thanks to footage of successful attempts by US football player Dontez Hines and Texan cheerleader Ariel Olivar. Miss Olivar told the Houston Chronicle: “The video was my third time trying it. I just keep the leg in the same exact spot. It is actually kind of challenging keeping it there. The technique is to bring the other leg higher than the other just like you are actually stepping over a box.”

This is Funny ” invisible box ” attempt on twitter-



Mr Hines expressed Men’s Health: “I still can’t believe how much attention it has grabbed. It is really nothing special. I just imagined that there was a box and stepped up on it.” Unlike other social media trends of recent years, the “ invisible box challenge” has not yet been linked to charity fundraising or raising awareness of a cause.

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 “ Invisible box ” tick is very old-

Moreover, this “ invisible box ” trick is not a new phenomenon because the same kind of activity had been done in 2014. Mexican dancer Marcos Grados used this trick while performance in a show and it has been viewed almost 889,000 times.

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