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Kamlesh Soluchan Delhi boy fake video went viral on fb

Kamlesh Soluchan Delhi boy fake video went viral on fb

Do you know ‘Kamlesh Soluchan Delhi Boy?’ He is a damn drug addiction little boy in Indian capital. Nowadays a video of a school boy is going viral on social media in the name of Kamlesh Soluchan Delhi. Previously, another video that was originally part of a documentary but went viral only for the wrong reasons, thanks to all those insensitive memes and trolling around it.

Recently a facebook video has emerged which supposedly shows the boy in a rehabilitated condition. Cool boy in this video is well dressed up in a school uniform. When a person asked him if he still consumes ‘soluchan’? The boy says no. Facebook page named We5TV posted this video. Here, this video already has more than 4 lakh views and around 14 thousand shares.

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‘This fb video is not ‘Kamlesh Soluchan Delhi’ However, when ScoopWhoop News verified the same with the director of documentary Mr Dheeraj Sharma, it turned out that the video is fake. Sharma has confirmed that the boy in the video is not that addicted Kamlesh. “I made this documentary six years ago. The boy Kamlesh now is eighteen years old.

Moreover, this is an attempt to mislead public to gain fake publicity,” he said. He, however, denied giving out any information or any details about Kamlesh Soluchan Delhi. “I don’t want media to run after him now.” He also added. Director Sharma said he is not even allowed to share the boy’s details with the media legally.

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Kamlesh Soluchan Delhi Boy Video-

Dheeraj Sharma also has a strong message for those people who expressed happiness about the fake video by sharing and commenting online. “If people are genuinely concerned about him, I would request them to actually help all those Kamlesh like boys who are battling drug addiction in Delhi streets,” he said. The original video of Kamlesh Soluchan Delhi  is a part of a documentary named Nashebaaz – The Dying People of Delhi. However, the trailer of this video was released on social media in May but recently it became viral for wrong reasons only.

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