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ISRO postponed Chandrayaan 2 mission launch to the Moon

ISRO postponed Chandrayaan 2 mission launch to the Moon

Second mission Chandrayaan 2 of the Indian Space Research Organization to the moon now postponed. This mission was scheduled to launch on 23 April 2018 has now been postponed to coming October this year. The spaceship which is expected to carry a rover to the moon is still under testing period and the tests will take longer than expected. K Sivan, the chairman of ISRO, talking to the Times of India said, “Keeping in mind the complexities involved in the mission as for the first time ISRO is experimenting with an orbiter, a rover and a lander. Now the expert panel recommended postponing the launch till we complete all tests and are confident of a perfect mission.”

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The ISRO director expressed that it would take the group in-control an extra 20 days to finish up every vital test for the Chandrayaan 2 mission due to which the dispatch date must be conceded. Clarifying why the dispatch is being put off to as late as October, Sivan clarified, “Dissimilar to, other satellite dispatches where ISRO could without much of a stretch concede the dispatch by a day or two to get an impeccable mission, ISRO can’t do likewise in this mission.

This is on the grounds that the perfect date for the moon dispatch comes just once in a month. On the off chance that we avoid that date of the month, we need to design the dispatch one month from now.”

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Sivan expressed that if ISRO dispatches the Chandrayaan 2 mission in the middle of May and September, the group, all things considered, won’t have the capacity to use the full lunar day (14 Earth days) for investigates the moon in view of obscurations and different reasons.  The dispatch has been along these lines put off to the principal seven day stretch of October.


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