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If You Love Your Mom, Must Watch Mother Son Duo Dance

If You Love Your Mom, Must Watch Mother Son Duo Dance

CHARLOTTE, NC: A mother-and-son dancing duo goes viral on social media on Friday. The Myers Park counselor and her son performed the ‘History of Dance’ together at the talent show of school on Thursday night. This (Mother Son Duo Dance) video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times within 24 hours. It was the amazing chemistry dance of mother and son mutually.

Mother Ginny Jenkins said, “I conned my son, who also likes to dance as much as I do and he does it with me.” Whatever you saw (Mother Son Duo Dance) on the stage was nothing out of the ordinary,” she added. The talent show benefitted the Susan G. Komen Foundation so when Ginny asked her son, Scott was ready “all for it.”

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Meanwhile “I thought it would be having a lot of fun,” Scott said. Scott, an accountant when he is not dancing, also makes music videos with his brother. This Mother Son Duo Dance video is the biggest and deepest example of motherhood across the world. We must learn something from this dance that how mother and son can express the lovely bonding of parents with their children.

Nowadays, social media is booming very much with amazing things and people are hanging on it every second to learn and earn something new in life. It will not be wrong if I say internet became the second biggest part of life across the globe. Technology and human together are changing the lifestyle of living and nonliving too.(Mother Son Duo Dance)

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Well leaving beside this topic, watch this interesting and lovely video of mother-son and try to make happy your parents just by sharing it among your family and friends.


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