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How to know your IP Address, #whatismyip

How to know your IP Address, #whatismyip

#Whatismyip, if you are an internet user and does not familiar with this term then you must know. The “IP” part of IP address stands for “Internet Protocol for” for everyone who uses Internet. The “address” part refers to a unique number that gets linked to all online activity you do. It is somewhat like a return address on a letter you’d send out.

Let me tell you that all this happens in milliseconds. That’s the end of today’s lesson. At least it should be. Information technology is crazy stuff and it is best left to those who have to deal with computers and networks. Still, we are all on the Internet these days, and it seems we’re always connected through our personal computers, laptops or mobile devices.

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How to know your IP Address, #whatismyip

Often you go on the Internet, an IP address (#Whatismyip) is right there, working for you. And with so much obscure information (and misinformation) out there about the IP address, it’s helpful to know the basics. Your computer is hooked up to the Internet, one way or the other. When you go online for email, to shop or chat, your request has to be sent out to the right destination, and the responses and information you want need to come back directly to you.

An IP address (#Whatismyip) plays a significant role in that. You and your computer actually connect to the Internet indirectly: You first connect to a network that is 1st connected to the Internet itself and 2nd grants or gives you access to the Internet. That network might be your Internet service provider (ISP) at home, or a company network at work, or a wireless network at a hotel or coffee shop when you’re on the road.

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You can also think that millions of computers on the Internet, how can your single computer jump right in and get you your work or personal emails and more without any problems? To make sure you can do your thing on the Internet, your computer’s networking software is hardwired to follow a list of built-in networking standards and rules (yes, protocols) to connect to Internet, and to swap information and data back and forth.

One of those networking protocols on your computer, the Internet Protocol, is responsible for addressing, delivering and routing your online requests precisely. It attaches an “electronic return address” to all your online requests and activity for you. The address it uses is the IP address (#Whatismyip) for your connection.

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You can also check IP ADDRESS of your System at –


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