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Google plans an artificial intelligence center in China !

Google plans an artificial intelligence center in China

China is best known for its technology and way of doing business across the world. Google tried a lot to set up business in china but got failed every time. Now, once again Google has selected Beijing as the location for its first artificial intelligence center in Asia. Fei-Fei Li the chief scientist at Google’s AI business said that “The science of AI has no borders, neither do its benefits.” He has written this in his blog post Wednesday while announcing the new center.

But the internet borders of China are very strong, you can say Great Firewall. And Google has its biggest products so-called search engine, YouTube and Gmail and now artificial intelligence center. China has been blocked Google for vast censorship apparatus for years. As per previous knowledge, Google (GOOGL) effectively left China in 2010, but the country’s 730 million internet users make it too large a market to ignore anyway.

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Google plans an artificial intelligence center in China
Google plans an artificial intelligence center in China

Apart from all, the company has made no secret to find ways to rebuild its presence in that country. Its artificial intelligence center unit DeepMind made up with Chinese authorities to hold a five-day festival in the country earlier in this year. That’s why; the company took this fine decision to set up this center there.

The whole event was focused on a human-versus-computer showdown. After that event, this is an opening of a high profile AI research center in China. Hereby, now it is the latest move in Google’s charm offensive.

Moreover, let me tell you that these are announcing plans to build a domestic artificial intelligence industry worth approx $150 billion in the coming years. China wants to be a superpower in an industry which is now expecting to shape the future of the human race ahead.

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If you remember the September speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin has mentioned this topic. He predicted that whoever becomes the leader in artificial intelligence “will become the ruler of the world.” And now, new artificial intelligence center of Google will help China to pursue its aim to become the global leader in future.

Speech on artificial intelligence center –

“Rather publishing its own work, the Google AI China Center will also support the AI research community just by funding and sponsoring AI conferences and workshops. Li also said that Company will work closely with the vibrant Chinese AI research community for better results.

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Google knows that the Chinese government is aggressively using artificial intelligence center for surveillance of its citizens, raising concerns among human rights groups. Company said it already had people in China working on some of its top class global products. In that case, this will be some tricky situation for Google to work in China.


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