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Golfer Jesse Roscoe tees it up in Minnesota snow, viral video

Golfer Jesse Roscoe tees it up in Minnesota snow, viral video

ORTONVILLE: Golf is an interesting game and often played in green ground. What about, if there is snowfall and you go out for golf playing. Yes, it sounds like something funny and courageous as well. We know that as the eyes of the golf world focus on the green grass and blooming azaleas at The Masters, a South Dakota man named Jesse Roscoe took to the links in far less ideal conditions.

Let me tell you that Jesse Roscoe is the superintendent of the Ortonville Golf Course across the state line in Ortonville, Minnesota. Recently, he posted a video to Facebook of a tee shot in ankle-deep snow and whipping winds.”It is a Masters week, so it’ll take a lot more than a little snow to keep me from enjoying a few rounds,” he also wrote.

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It wasn’t only a brisk swing and dash back to the clubhouse, either. Jesse Roscoe, wearing a short-sleeve shirt and shorts, strolls to the tee, drinks from a container of water that would turn into his tee, at that point tests the breeze with a modest bunch of snow before arranging his shot.

After he hits the ball, Jesse Roscoe grabs the water jug and his golf sack and heads down the fairway.

The Jesse Roscoe video has been seen about 300,000 times on his Facebook page and numerous more circumstances on different media outlets in Minnesota that common it.

As per Weather Underground, the high temperature in Ortonville Tuesday was 26 degrees with a 15 mph wind that blew as hard as 26 mph, with blasts near 40 mph. We’ll stick to watching the activity from Augusta National, much appreciated.

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