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Fake eyelashes video went viral on FB, Must Watch

Fake eyelashes video went viral on FB, Must Watch

New Delhi: A video demonstrating a straightforward system that a make-up craftsman uses to influence her phony eyelashes to look more practical has turned into a web sensation on Facebook. Paloma Garcia is a 20-year-old makeup craftsman from Tamaulipas, Mexico. On Friday she shared a Fake eyelashes video via web-based networking media that demonstrates her lightening up some phony eyelashes with a spoolie brush.Lets have a look…..

The Fake eyelashes video has since circulated around the web on Facebook, gathering in excess of 14 million perspectives and in excess of 23,000 responses. Magnificence aficionados have communicated their amazement over how successful and direct Garcia’s procedure has ended up being. Finding the ideal false eyelashes can be intense, as various individuals’ battle to discover moderate choices that don’t look excessively phony.

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In any case, with Garcia’s spoolie technique, numerous are currently remarking that they can spruce up shoddy false eyelashes effortlessly. One individual tweeted that she had tried the system, depicting it as a “distinct advantage”. Another individual shared a photograph of a couple of false eyelashes when experimenting with the strategy, exhibiting the exceptional distinction a spoolie brush can make such Fake eyelashes video. A spoolie brush is all the more ordinarily utilized as an eyebrow-forming instrument. Be that as it may, Garcia has demonstrated that the magnificence actualize is to a great degree adaptable.Fake eyelashes video

HOLY CRAP I just tried it with these cheap lashes WTFF game changer

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— trae 💫 (@traemarler) March 10, 2018

These are the same lashes but I spoolied the bottom pair omg!! Why didn’t I think of those before!?!?!

— CodeineSippin (@KarenLKCocaine) March 10, 2018

Omg av actually got some eyelashes like that I’m gunna try it 😂👏

— ✨Melissa Pinder✨ (@melissa_pinderx) March 11, 2018

😯 I’m not spending bagga money on expensive lashes anymore lmao

— Body Too Good, So Golden (@_Joderrr) March 11, 2018


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