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Facebook is making people miserable, Do you think so?

Facebook is making people miserable, Do you think so?

Facebook: Social media became the second most life spending platform across the globe. From small child to an older one, everybody is hanging on it. Your presence seems more online than offline nowadays. Do you think, social is media making us miserable? Study after study confirms that the more time we spend on the social platforms, the worse we feel about our lives. Isn’t it?

University Of California And Yale University On Facebook-

Recently, Holly Shakya from the University of California and Nicholas Christakis from Yale University actually quantify our suffering. They found approx 8 percent drop in personal happiness after using Facebook.

Not only Facebook but other social-media platforms like Twitter or Instagram are reflections of our input. They do not generate any content to show us without our active participation. That is we choose what we see there.

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Though these all social sites give us many options to open and close the things which you don’t like. Even you can hide or delete the things. Whatever people in your friend list post or upload.

Facebook Is For Sharing Experience With Friends-

Actually, Facebook is the social network that most lets you tailor your experience. What you get what you want out of it. Of course your friends will annoy you on FB, as they might in real life.  But they can do only on Facebook. Do you have the ability to gag them for a little while or forever in life?

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But you can’t do it on Facebook. You have to screen your daily real-life interactions. In short, it is not Facebook, it’s you. The “social media is making your shush”. These experiments can’t quantify how much other things might make you gag as well.

They’re not with you on the subway when you read an op-ed that makes you fume. They don’t see your eye-roll when you catch up with a friend over coffee and you end up listening to a half-hour infomercial on all the great things happening in your friend’s life.

Social media, and FB in particular, don’t invent things for you to get mad about, they only amplify what is already pissing you off.

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And that leads us to the other flaw in these Facebook-makes-you-unhappy studies: People are already angrier than they used to be there. Social media is doing its routine work for mutual profit by controlling vast populations.

By default life expectancy has increased nowadays. And quality of life is continues to improve across the world, we’re angrier and sadder than ever before. We can’t blame that on Facebook because our expectations are too high.(FoxNews)


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