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DC 4 aircraft disappeared in 1955, landed after 37 years

DC 4 aircraft disappeared in 1955, landed after 37 years

An amazing information about the chartered DC 4 aircraft with 57 passengers on board landed in Caracas, Venezuela in 1992. As per details this plane had appeared again just 37 years after his disappearance in 1955 during a flight from New York to Miami. How come it possible that in less than a few minutes, the plane took off again a ghost, and disappeared into the clouds. Testimonies and taped radio communication between the pilot and control tower are irrefutable proof that this nightmarish landing still was in reality. It was the biggest and most remembered case of supernatural activity.

Signs of specialists control administration of the airplane terminal, who saw the episode, the same generally, said Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation Ramon Estovar. Yet, the clincher, concurring Estovara is a little logbook 1955, which gave the pilot the runway a couple of moments before take-off and the vanishing of DC 4 aircraft.

I saw the DC 4 aircraft ... I heard the voice of the pilot. I even conveyed a timetable, yet can't trust it, - said Juan de la Corte, who obviously observed everything that occurred from his post on the pinnacle control flight. - These individuals on board still surmise that now in 1955 and that they had arrived in Florida. In any case, it isn't. God knows where they have been every one of these years.

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As indicated by de la Corte and different directors, they understood that there is something extraordinary, when the air terminal was all of a sudden moved toward propeller plane that has not showed up on the radar screens.

We saw the DC 4 aircraft with his own particular eyes, yet on the radar were no indications of it, - said de la Corte. - We have requested that the pilot call himself, and he radioed us, "Where are we?" His voice was unnerved and confounded, however at long last he said that sanction flight 914 from New York to Miami, with a group of 4 individuals and 57 travelers. Chief said that after these expressions of the pilot in the control room was tranquil. Everybody was staggered. It was Goal Flight 914 ... Miami ... 1800 km from Caracas.

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I told the pilot: "It Caracas, Venezuela, South America ...". At that point I asked, "Are you enduring a calamity?" There was no answer, and I cleared the passage for landing. Planting was fantastic. Exactly when I began to feel that everything went well, I heard the pilot told his copilot: "Jesus Christ, Jimmy! What the heck would you say you are? "They took a gander at the fly and carried on as though it was a spaceship. As per de la Corte, the pilot expressed that he was booked to sit at Miami International Airport at 9.55 am July 2, 1955.

Then I heard him say, "Something isn't right here." I radioed the DC 4 aircraft: "Chief, this is a global air terminal in Caracas. Today, May 21, 1992. "He just said," Oh, my God! "I could hear him breathing vigorously. I endeavored to quiet him down, saying that it had sent to the ground team.

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As indicated by de la Corte, when the ground group and moved toward the tanker flying machine, the pilot yelled over the radio: "No! Try not to go close! We're leaving here! "Afterward, ground benefit specialists announced seeing travelers confront squeezed against the window. A pilot opened the window of his taxicab and waved them to take off.

He waved to some envelope - said de la Corte. - Probably, as a result of it and fell schedules, which we later discovered. The pilot began the motors, and the DC 4 aircraft took off. Pioneers of common flight confined all records of arrangements with the load up, and furthermore found a date-book and keep on investigating the episode.


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