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Charly keane’s video is viewed 12 million times on YouTube!

Charly keane's video is viewed 12 million times on YouTube!

VIRGINIA BEACH: The relation of mother and child is made in heaven undoubtedly. How mother feels and affectionate giving birth to a baby first time. Recently, the emotional video of Baby Charlotte or Charly keane is getting huge views on YouTube. Actually, this baby girl was born profoundly deaf and had no cochlear.  But after the Charly’s cochlear implants, she heard the voice of mother first time and gave response with amazing expressions. Now, these lovely moments has been viewed more than 12 million times on YouTube.

Mother (Christy) of Charly keane expressed her feeling before WTKR, “I could see in her eyes and her face that she was really, really happy.” She told that when Charly was born, she failed her first hearing test. Christy, who was formerly a nurse at NICU, never thought anything of it.

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Charly keane's video is viewed 12 million times on YouTube!

She just chalked it up to fluid in the ears of baby. Unfortunately, four days and more failed tests later, Christy and her husband understood that Charly keane was born profoundly deaf. “I cried, I did not understand and know what life was going to look like ahead,” said Christy.

But after doing some research, attitude of her mind quickly changed. Now, Christy decided she would do whatever it took to improve future of Charly keane. “We’re choosing to do cochlear implants for her and we are doing total communication, so we are just learning to sign and she is going to hopefully develop beautiful spoken language as well with those resources,” said Christy.

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However, that decision was met with some criticism online since Christy openly shares Charly’s journey on Instagram account. But Christy knew in her heart she was making the right decision for Charly keane and encourages other parents to do for the same.

“She is hard of hearing, even with the cochlear inserts. That doesn’t cure deafness. When she removes the outer gadget, she’s hard of hearing and continually going to be. I simply need to ensure she has every one of the assets to feel good talking and speaking with individuals in any circumstance,” said Christy. Imparting adventure of Charly keane to others has likewise been colossally positive, Christy said.

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“It’s exceptional she is touching such a large number of individuals. She’s intended to be her identity, simply the way she is,” Christy said with happiness. Christy has turned into a hearing misfortune promoter and posts a lot of recordings and photographs of her two girls to her Instagram account, which has in excess of 80,000 followers.


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