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Amazing History: Why Valentine’s Day is celebrated

Amazing History: Why Valentine's Day is celebrated

New Delhi: Valentine Week 2018 is celebrating across the globe for love and romance. Everything has its history to remember and learn something. Here, do you know why valentine week is celebrated? If not, then let’s go ahead with us to know amazing history of valentine day. For a few

#WhyImSingle Trending On Valentine’s Day, Hilarious

#WhyImSingle Trending On Valentine's Day, Hilarious

Valentine week 2018 is running across the globe. All the 7 days of love and romance are performing well. On this romantic festival, there is a campaign #WhyImSingle trending and getting viral on twitter. Social media twitter users are giving very interesting answers on this logical question. You can have

Watch Valentine’s Day video, Shopkeepers get shocked

Watch Valentine's Day video, Shopkeepers get shocked

Valentine week 2018 started across the globe. ‘Rose day’ has passed away and now today ‘propose day’ is celebrating. February is the month of romance and love for all sweet hearted people. It is the time for every man’s dream to express their love on Valentine’s Day. People try many

You’ll feel good watching Richy Sheehy viral video !

Richy Sheehy viral video Liverpool reddit page

New Delhi: Social media is full of fun and enjoyment around the world. You can’t imagine what things will be viral on internet. Recently, Richy Sheehy singing video is making more attraction on social sites after posting. Richy Sheehy from Co. Plug has seen his tune circulate around the web

Shoveling solution video of a man goes viral, Why?

Shoveling solution video of a man goes viral, Why

CHAMBERSBURG: This is winter season and people are more aware of snowfall and coldness. How to deal with heavy snowfall and what precautions need to take, are more targeting points in this season. Many people often enjoy this season and many suffer by high intensity coldness. Here, Shoveling solution video

Virgin Australia Christmas gift wows Passengers, viral video

Virgin Australia Christmas gift wows Passengers

Christmas festival is celebrating across the world. More interestingly, children are eagerly waiting for Santa to get gifts and chocolate. On this fest, some interesting moments happened at an airport in Australia. An airport employee starts singing herself to spread some Christmas cheer at an airport in Australia. This awesome

Stratford tube jump “extremely reckless” shocking video

Stratford tube jump "extremely reckless" stunt video

London: Transport for London has denounced the "extremely reckless" conduct of a young fellow who jumped crosswise over tube railway platforms before a moving train in a clear offer for online reputation. This was very dangerous and a moment of might be death. This Stratford tube jump video transferred to

OMG Cockatiel sings Apple ringtone while upset !

Cockatiel Apple Ringtone goes viral on vimeo

A Cockatiel named Lucky is performing iPhone ringtone goes viral on internet just after uploading this video on Vimeo. It is the perfect Apple’s default iPhone ringtone; you can watch and hear it. The owner of this cockatiel made this video and uploaded it on Tuesday. “My friend’s family has

This is why eyes automatically close while kissing,Video

this is why eyes automatically close while kissing

Kissing is the primary function of every species to express deep affection and love. On this Earth, every animal do have practice some kind of kissing or the other. Some animals try to rub their nose against each other to feel good. On the other hand, Humans tend to kiss

Manvel cheerleader’s “invisible box” video went viral

Manvel cheerleader's invisible box stunt went viral

New Delhi: Ice Bucket Challenge was very successful campaign few months back. Now a bizarre and viral activity of invisible box is booming on the internet. Recently a video of young people is going viral on social media. They are trying to step on an “invisible box” for an online optical

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