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Catalonia Independence, New country added in the list

Catalonia Independence, New country added in the list

There are 195 countries in the world today. 193 countries are the member states of United Nations. Recently one more country is added in this list on the world map. Catalonia is a new country. It is separated from Spain. This is the result of several weeks of bluster between Spain’s central government and the secessionist government of the region of Catalonia. These things came to a head on Friday, when Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy asked parliament to vote in favor of a drastic measure, known as Article 155.

PM Mariano says would give his government extraordinary powers to intervene in Catalonia. Article 155 would allow Rajoy to take over the government of province. Rajoy also said, “The thing that Catalonia people need protecting from is not what they’re calling Spanish imperialism.

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It is a minority who, the way of an intolerant, declare the owners of Catalonia themselves. They consider as exclusive a history, culture, and feelings that are the heritage of the community.”The members then cast their votes. Article 155 was approved: 214 in favor, forty-seven against, and one abstention.

Just after this in Barcelona (Catalonia capital) the province’s President, Carles Puigdemont, asked his parliament for a yes or no vote on a unilateral declaration of independence: the result was seventy in favor, ten against, and two blank votes cast.

A group of opposition politicians angrily boycotted the vote. As news of the vote spread, pro-independence Catalans cheered and sang in the streets of Barcelona. The Spanish flag was removed from public buildings across the province.

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But the announcement of the birth of the Catalan Republic—the name chosen for the new nation – is almost certain to remain a symbolic exercise for now, because Spanish authorities are expected to move quickly to dismantle the Catalan government, and the Catalans have little means, other than civil disobedience, to slow them down.

In a follow-up appearance in Madrid, Rajoy announced that, as his government was now in charge of Catalonia. He was removing Puigdemont from his post, along with his Vice-President. Rajoy also dismissed the entire Catalan parliament and the head of the autonomous police force, the Mossos d’Esquadra, pending new “clean, fair, and legal elections” on December 21st, “in order to restore democracy” in Catalonia.

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In This matter, Puigdemont, in his speech to emotional crowds, appealed for calm and to preserve the “values of pacifism and dignity.” The Spanish government has deployed its supporters to insist upon the fact that Spain is, after all, “a modern democracy. Many leading newspapers launched attacks against foreign journalists who had been critical of their methods. Now it is in the hands of people and government to maintain the decorum of two entire countries.


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