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Boy without Legs and hands starts walking first time after birth, video goes viral

Boy without Legs and hands starts walking first time after birth, video goes viral

Social media is the biggest and vast platform to know about the happenings across the globe. Everyone keeps uploading something on the Internet every moment. Earlier, we had brought a video of the hand-footed non-handicap child for you. That video was shared by Bijayasenaan Anand Mahindra and Bollywood’s Big B Amitabh Bachchan on social media. Now, one more video of a “baby without legs and hands” son of Kate Whiddon, who starts walking first time after his birth, went viral.

In this video, Texas mother Kate Whiddon saying her son, “Camden, I’m so proud of you buddy.”  A little boy was born without arms and legs. This heart touching video features her 4-year-old son Camden. Parents of this baby boy are encouraging and boosting him to walk. They say “You’re sitting up all by yourself. You’re not falling,” Cole Greene, Camden’s father, said to his son in the clip. “I’m walking,” Camden said, as he moved toward his father.

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Both parents seemed very emotional while the video and told their son how proud they were of his achievement. “I want to see, Mama,” Camden said, about the prospect of watching his achievement on video. As per the People magazine information, Whiddon, 23, learned that her son did not have arms and legs when she was just 18 weeks pregnant.

Camden Boy without Legs and hands Video-

While medical checkups, he was diagnosed with amelia-phocomelia after his birth. “When I first found out he wouldn’t have arms or legs, I thought that he would just be a vegetable. Even I did not know what to expect,” she expressed to People. “When he was around 2 months old, I had him lying on my bed.(Boy without Legs and hands)

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Mother emotionally said, I saw him out the corner of my eye and he was hitting the toys with his arms. I started to cry, I was just so happy and that confirmed that he was going to be able to do things.” Looking this brave boy, we must learn something in our lives.(Boy without Legs and hands)


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