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Video: 6 year old became etihad airways pilot for a day

6 year old became etihad airways pilot

Aviation industry is all about to fly like birds. It is full of courage and flying in the sky. Recently, a six-year-old just became a pilot for a day. He completed his dream flying plane at Etihad Airway. Will you believe it, surely not?  Let see a video documented for his experience. This is going viral on social media. People have watched it over 21 million times on facebook.

Little Adam became the sensational subject on internet. After a video on his aviation knowledge went viral. Boy surprised many after giving detail procedure of aircraft operating systems.

People astonished the way he demonstrated a “deep” understanding of emergency procedures.

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Flight captain Samer Yakhlef captured film of Adam in the cockpit. He posted the video online with permission from his family.

Etihad Airways invited Adam to their training centre for underwent pilot training. He was given a specially made uniform for pilot training.

This kid deserves to become a true Etihad Airways Future Captain. Knowledge of this little boy made aviation people to think about him.

Words from social media-

“I would definitely feel comfortable with Adam as a copilot right now,” jokes another. “He’s going to be an amazing captain someday.”

Adam wants to become a captain of an A380 Airbus. We have a feeling that dream will be turned into a reality soon. The video posted two weeks ago, and viewed over 21 million times and shared over three lakh time’s non internet. Just have a look…

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